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From February 09, 2019 09:00 until February 09, 2019 17:00
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This NM Concealed Handgun course is a 2 day, 16-hour course that meets and exceeds New Mexico Department of Public Safety requirements for obtaining a concealed handgun license.  In addition to the state-required curriculum focusing on applicable laws, safety, responsible firearms ownership, and basic marksmanship skills, this course includes information on other important topics such as:
  • Selecting a defensive firearm
  • Types of ammunition
  • Holsters and modes of carry
  • Firearms handling skills
  • Mindset, awareness, and avoidance
  • Defensive shooting fundamentals
  • Legal considerations and liability
Class will begin Saturday morning at 9:00 AM and will break at approximately 5:00 PM that evening.  Class will resume Sunday morning at 9:00 AM and will conclude at approximately 5:00 PM Sunday evening.

Students do not need to bring their own handgun to this class.  If you do not own a handgun, we strongly recommend you do not purchase one until after class, as we will give you several recommendations on what qualities to look for in a defensive pistol.  You will also have the opportunity to fire a variety of handguns in different calibers during this class to help you decide what type of firearm will best suit your needs. Hearing and eye protection is also available here for your use.   
If you already own a handgun (caliber .32 / 7.65mm or greater) that you intend to use for concealed carry, you should bring it to this class.   If you are bringing your own equipment: please ensure that it is clean, lubricated and in safe operating condition. All federal, state and local firearms laws must be adhered to.  It is also recommended that you bring at least 150-rounds of good quality standard practice ammunition.   Please double-check that you are bringing the correct caliber of ammunition for your firearm.  Please do not bring steel-cased/jacketed ammunition such as Wolf, Brown Bear, Silver Bear, etc... as this can cause safety issues with the backstop.  A good ammunition choice would be anything from Black Hills, CCI, Federal, Hornady, Remington, or Winchester. Feel free to call if you are unsure or need further information about ammunition prior to the class. We will cover ammunition selection in greater detail during the class.   
All other learning materials will be supplied by us.  Please bring a packed lunch both days.  

This class will consist of a mix of classroom and range-time, we will be using an indoor range.  

The course fee is $175 per person, payable cash, check or money order prior to class start which includes the use of firearms, ammunition and range fee. 

Class Size: 8

Instructor: Michael Lake, Adaptive Defense Concepts LLC.

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