Silhouette Match - Rifle range reserved

From May 11, 2019 08:00 until May 11, 2019 12:30
Hosted by Steven Bender
Categories: Silhouette
There are categories for scoped and open-sight pistols and rifles. Aperture sighted guns must compete in the scoped category. Bolt-action pistols are not allowed in the Hunter Pistol competition. Juniors must be accompanied by a parent or have written permission from a parent as well as a sponsor present. The shooting distances are chickens at 40m, pigs at 50 m, turkeys at 75 m, and rams at 100 m. For each time you are called to the line, you will have 10 animals to knock down, in groups of w5. The animals are shot in a specific order. There are 30 animals at each distance. This means that there can be three shooters (10 animals for each shooter) at each distance. You will be assigned either the first 10, middle 10, or the last 10. If you start on chickens you will shoot at 10 chickens before you move on to pigs. Then you go to turkeys followed by rams. If you start on turkeys, you will next move to rams, then to chickens.

Event repeats


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