High Power Rifle Match-Rifle Range Reserved

From October 04, 2020 08:00 until October 04, 2020 13:00
Hosted by Mell Smithour
Categories: Rifle
Match registration at Los Alamos begins at 07:30 AM and will close at 08:20 AM with the set-up and match starting at 08:30 AM. Match fee is $10.00. There is a onetime $5.00 fee to register the final season results with NRA. Juniors are free. Only 30-06 ammunition is available to purchase for use at the match, ammo fee is $20.00. Juniors must be 13 years of age or older and be accompanied by a parent for parental permission. Match is 80 shots in four stages with two sighting shots per stage. Competition will be shoulder to shoulder within NRA classes. Current NRA rules will apply to all matches and all classes. Rifles (the Club has M1 Garands and AR-15’s), mats, spotting scopes, and shooting gloves are available at the Club for use at matches. Eye and hearing protection are MANDATORY. Open Bolt Indicator is MANDATORY. All range and match safety procedures shall be followed. Awards for the matches will be by Classes and will be dependent on number of shooters per Class. Rifle range will be closed to non-competitors during scheduled matches.

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