Range Status


The LASC Outdoor Ranges are open.

The classroom and the restrooms are open.

Custodial service has been resumed for the classroom (once a week) and the restrooms are being cleaned every other day.  We request that members stay on the carpet. 

The Indoor Range is still closed.

The Indoor Range floor has been clear-coated (three coats), and will be cured by Friday, June 5th.  We will schedule a work party on Friday afternoon to wax the down range half of the indoor range, and then a second work party on Friday evening to wax the up range half of the indoor range floor. 

We plan to open the indoor range on Saturday morning following a short work party at 10:00 to arrange the furniture and other items in the indoor range.  

The COVID-19 Extensions to the LASC Range  Rules can be found at


There are limitations for each range on the number of shooters that are permitted to use those Ranges.

Because shooting requires deep breathing and breath control, the LASC Board has made the use of masks

optional while shooting on the LASC Ranges.

It is necessary to make an appointment at 


to use any of the ranges.  But the appointment system is not a barrier to

using the range.  The appointment system has been wide open since its

implementation--the ranges were very underutilitzed during the past week.

The one hour appointment slots are not long enough for the Rifle Range or

the  Archery Range.  Simply make two or three consecutive appointments for the

Rifle Range or two consecutive appointments for the Archery Range.



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