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Hey Guys,

I've got several centerfire pistols that I want to trade or sell outright. They are all four in NRA Mint condition and only test fired. In the interest of expediency I'll list them here before I put them on GunBroker. I'll be selling 2x CZ's, 1x Smith/Wesson 1911 and 1x Ruger DA revolver. The CZ's and the 1911 are in 9mm and the Ruger is in .357 Magnum. I'll post details soon.

I'd be willing to trade for a Walther GSP in .22LR and .32. I'm wanting to compete in Precision Target/Bullseye. I'm also wanting either a Beretta 70s or a model 76 with both being in .22LR. If you've got both short and long barrels for the 70s that would be cool. Don't want shot out barrels that have had jillions of rounds through them. We'll talk.

I'll amend this post soon with more intimate details.

John Dent


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