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"Four out of five politicians surveyed prefer unarmed, ignorant peasants."
— Unknown


This page updated:  Wednesday, March 5, 2014 - 12:50 PM

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Range Status: Bullseye Pistol Range is OPEN! The ricochet issue has been mitigated. 

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The 2014 Annual Meeting is scheduled for this coming Thursday, the 6th of February.

The deadline for reserving your meal was yesterday (31 January), but if you e-mail Curtis by sundown today (Saturday) he may be able to help you.
The instructions are (were):
RSVP by January 31, 2014.
Please respond by sending an email to cd.benham1@gmail.com with 2014 RSVP in the subject line. PLEASE USE ONLY THAT EMAIL ADDRESS AND SUBJECT LINE. Using any other combination may result in your reservation being lost in hyperspace or the earth falling into the sun. Please include your name and the number of guests. Example: D. E. Colt + 1.
We have instituted a check-in process this year to ensure that people who make a reservation will have a meal. Tickets will be handed out upon check-in and must be presented when going through the buffet line. You may attend the meeting without an RSVP but we won’t be ordering food for you.

There is no need for negative responses.

Doors open at 6 pm, please enter through double glass doors only

Where: First Baptist Church of Los Alamos, 2200 Diamond Drive, just below Conoco Hill for you long-time residents

For those of you who have not done so, we will have someone available to verify your NRA membership for 2014.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Curtis D. Benham
LASC Membership Secretary
(505) 412-2482

LASC will hold its February Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Match on Sunday, the 9th of February.


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Welcome to The Los Alamos Sportsmen's Club (LASC)

The Los Alamos Sportsmen's Club is an organization with over 500 memberships (individual and family). The Club provides instruction and a place to safely enjoy all shooting activities. Training in all forms of firearm handling and shooting provides our community with requisite skills for recreation, hunting, competition, and self protection. The Club currently has Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol, Archery, Silhouette, Cowboy Action, Machine Gun, Women's and Junior sections.

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