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LASC Training and Education



Note: these are ongoing events. Check with instructor contacts for updated dates and times


NRA Basic (Sporting) Shotgun Course

For youths and adults

  • 10-hour course 

    • 8 hours classroom

    • 2 hours shooting

  • Contact Mike O'Neill (HERE) for more information


NRA Basic Handgun Course

  • For new or novice shooters

  • 8-hour course includes classroom and shooting handguns

  • Students may use Club-owned handguns, or use their own

  • Ammo provided for Club-owned handguns

  • Contact the LASC Training Coordinator (HERE)for more information

New Mexico Concealed Handgun Carry (CHC) Training [Also known as "CCW"]


The Los Alamos Sportsmen's Club does not sponsor CHC classes. However, we do have instructors affiliated with LASC, and the following classes are available to either obtain or renew your New Mexico Concealed Handgun Carry (CHC) License.

The instructors listed below are Certified by the State of New Mexico as official Concealed Handgun Carry Instructors.

CHC Course Fees

  • Full 15-hour new license course $185+tax

  • 4-year license renewal course $80+tax

  • 2-year license refresher course $55+tax

NOTE: All LASC-affiliated instructors charge the same fees for all classes

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