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Rifle Program

The rifle range consists of shooting stations at distances from 25 yards out to 300 yards.  Shooting can be done from the shooting line consisting of a gravel base or from concrete tables and benches.

Organized matches are High Power Rifle that conforms to the 80 shot NRA National Match Course with all courses shot at 200 yards and reduced targets, CMP JC Garand Match shot at 200 yards and conforms to the 30 or 50 shot courses, and silhouette matches that are shoot from 40 meters out to 100 meters with any .22 long rifle caliber rifle and pistol.

Newcomers are always welcome and the Club has rifles, ammo, mats, scopes, and gloves to loan to people to use at the high power matches. Please get the necessary info and tutoring needed for the matches beforehand.  It will make the experience of the first shoot more enjoyable.  Mell Smithour and Marv Alme can provide the tutoring by appointment for the different matches, but tutoring the day of the match is not practical.

Tracers, incendiary, steel core, and metal / armor piercing rounds are NOT allowed on the ranges.  Tracers are a fire hazard and we have to worry about that here.  Besides, they work best at night and the range is closed then anyway.

There is also the safety issue that penetrator cores in steel core and metal / armor piercing ammo can spall off on bullet impact and become a serious ricochet problem. Normal bullets just deform or splatter. Anything marked Armor Piercing is certainly out of bounds. There is no problem with "normal" FMJ loads. However, a lot of the 7.62x39 (SKS/AK47) surplus ammo and the 5.56 (SS109 and M855) are steel core (i.e. mild armor piercing).  This stuff will shoot through a light armor, so please don't destroy our expensive gongs with it!  PLEASE don't use this surplus ammo on gongs unless you are sure it is LEAD CORE, not STEEL CORE. If in doubt check the bullet with a magnet.

Remember no 50 BMG caliber of any kind is to be shot at the 200 and 300 yard steel gongs and mounts.  We had expected them to last for years, so we paid a lot extra for the special steel. The 50 BMGs also just have too much energy for the gongs and the mounts and most of the 50 BMG is steel core.

Please refer to the Rifle Range Rules that are posted at the range for range use and safety requirements, also for handgun and shotgun use restrictions.  For more information contact the Rifle Chair HERE

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