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LASC Work Credit Program

LASC is a club run by volunteers. We depend on the good nature of our members and a united spirit of volunteerism to make sure the Club buildings, ranges, facilities, equipment, and grounds are maintained to a degree that ensures a safe and fun environment. To be sure, there is always a lot of work to be done.

The Work Credit Program gives every club member the opportunity to reduce their membership dues by as much as $96 each year.


Each hour of volunteer work performed translates into a $12 discount that can be applied to your membership for the following year, up to a maximum of $96. As a courtesy to our senior members (those 70 years old or over), Senior Members will receive an automatic credit of six volunteer hours per membership year.  Regular members with disabilities who are unable to perform volunteer activities may request, a waiver and will receive a credit of six volunteer hours per membership year.  This request must be submitted for each membership year.

Volunteer work credit for the membership year beginning 1 April is required to be performed by 1 March of the following year.

We estimate that we will log about 2,000 volunteer labor hours during the typical year.


To the top examples: What counts for volunteer labor?


The following list is meant to be illustrative, not exhaustive.

  • Participating in the semi-annual LASC Clean-Up Days

  • Running a Club-sanctioned rifle, pistol, shotgun, or archery match

  • Teaching an NRA, NM Game & Fish, or other non-profit type of training course

  • Serving on the LASC Board as a board member or Section Chair

  • Emptying trash cans at the indoor or outdoor ranges

  • Cleaning up the indoor range

  • Painting/refinishing tables, benches, stands, etc.

  • Directing youth program activities

  • See the FAQs for more details

  • To the top The Process - Suggesting a Task and Getting a Task Approved


Any Board or Club member or Section Chair can suggest a work task or project. To suggest a task or project, send an email to the Work Credit Coordinator (WCC) at: The WCC will will evaluate the suggested activity against any current activities in process to determine duplicate efforts or conflicts. The WCC will then email the person suggesting the work with approval or disapproval along with additional guidance, coordination requirements and other information such as expense reimbursement procedures.

Please -- do not start a work task or project until it has been submitted to and approved by the WCC or a designate.

If you have special skills that you feel might be useful to the Club, please send an e-mail to the work-credit coordinator. Skills that immediately come to mind are welding, wiring, plumbing, heating/air conditioning and general mechanical. But don’t be limited by this list.

Getting Credit & Tracking Credit Hours

Club members are encouraged to report all time spent on a project, including travel and any time spent buying materials. The reality is that for non-professionals fixing things, much of the time is spent running back and forth to the hardware store, and this time should be used for credit. Planning counts as time. Buying materials counts as time.

The primary method for reporting work hours is to access the Work Credit Reporting web page and filling out the online form. When completed, click on "Submit." This information is automatically entered into the main Club database and is used to calculate your revised membership dues based on the activity submitted.


We will send an email on a periodic basis to let you know the dates, times, activities, and number of hours we have on record for you so far that year.

Work credit requests reported after March 15th of any year will be credited towards the next member year -- not the current year. For example, you work 5 hours during the Fall Clean-Up day in October 2020. The work credit year ends as of March 15, 2021 for the 2020-2021 membership year. You will get 5 hours of work credit ($60) against your dues for the 2021-2022 membership year. You then work 1 hour on March 16, 2021 and report it. That 1 hour ($12) will go towards the 2022-2023 member year because it was performed after March 15, 2021.

This volunteer labor is a significant Club asset, and by logging the labor, we will be able to see how effectively we are using this asset.

Semi-Annual Clean-up Days

LASC Clean-up Days are held twice each year.  Spring Clean-up Day is on the last Saturday of April and Fall Clean-up Day is on the Fourth Saturday of October (so that it does not fall on or very near Halloween). All ranges are closed from sundown on the prior day until around 3 p.m. on Clean-up Day, or until all work is finished.

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