To Our Current Members:

We are not sure how membership renewals will be handled this year.  Our membership calendar year starts April 1, which just happens to coincide with our current license extension through March 2022.  Proposed terms of a new lease being negotiated with the US Department of Energy (DOE) places LASC into a difficult financial position and we may be required to cease operations permanently as of March 31.  We have been working with DOE on a new lease throughout all of last year.  Renewal notices are normally emailed March 22nd of each year which is only 10 days ahead of the prospective shutdown of operations.  Hopefully, we should know before that date if we will continue or cease operations and will be in touch with the membership to keep you informed.


To Our Prospective Members:

Thank you for your interest in the LASC.  The LASC Board of Directors believes you should be fully informed about the status of future operations.


The Club operates on a volunteer basis on land that is licensed from the DOE.  DOE has allowed LASC to conduct shooting sports on legacy contaminated land in Rendija Canyon since the early 1960s.  A license has been in place and renewed regularly for the last 20 years.  LASC pays an annual fee to the DOE for the right to conduct a variety of sporting activities on the land.  As stated above we are negotiating a new (now called) lease with significant changes being imposed.


Since we will be operating through March 2022 and any new membership is pro-rated to the months remaining in our membership calendar year (coincidental to our license extension), you may still sign up as a new member and enjoy the benefits our Club offers.


Los Alamos Sportsmen's Club Calendar of Events

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