COVID-19 Information


LASC is still operating under COVID rules for New Mexico.

1.    Self-monitor for COVID safe practices with respect to virus transmission.


2.    Practice social distancing, keeping at least 6 feet apart.


3.    Groups are limited to 5 or fewer people.  


4.    Masks must be worn while working in close proximity with others.


5.    In order to minimize locks and gates handling, if a member is present on the rifle, shotgun, or archery range, the gate may be left open.  The last member leaving closes and locks the gate.  The pistol pits gate should be secured at all times because it’s not apparent from the road whether or not the pistol pits are in use.  To avoid surface contamination, it is advised to wipe down the lock and gate or use PPE when going through the gate.


6.    No more than 5 people are allowed in each area, the classroom and the indoor firing range.  Practice social distancing in each area.  To avoid surface contamination, it is advised to wipe down or use PPE on door handles, switches, broom and dustpan handles, etc.


7.    Members wishing to use a range will have to make online appointments using the club booking calendar found at .   Please have hardcopy proof of your allotted time when you are at the range.  We have to share our limited resources, especially while implementing social distancing, so we ask members to be fair to all club members and not abuse the system or overbook.  In order to track usage, a notification will be sent to all board members for each reservation made by any member.


8.    As always strictly adhere to safe firearms handling practices. For example, with 15 shooting benches on the rifle line, every other station can be used which would allow up to 8 individuals or perhaps family twosomes to use that range.  The Alpha Range (the covered range at the west end of the pit area) is wide enough and can accommodate a number of shooters simultaneously.  Remember to distance one another as you come up to each shotgun station for trap or skeet.


9.    All members are to embrace virus safety as diligently as we do gun safety. Individuals need to hold themselves and each other accountable, same as before.  Please politely call out bad behavior directly or report such to a board member.  Consequences of repeated or widespread bad behavior might force closing our facilities again during this coronavirus outbreak.

There are limitations for each range on the number of shooters that are permitted to use those Ranges.

Because shooting requires deep breathing and breath control, the LASC Board has made the use of masks

optional while shooting on or at any of the LASC Ranges.


If you are a member of LASC, it is necessary to make an appointment to use any of the ranges, facilities, and shooting positions. Click here to access the LASC calendar of events for LASC members. If you do not yet have a Keep & Share calendar account, click here to learn how to get one.