Range, Facility, and COVID-19 Information

REVISED July 1, 2021

New Mexico has lifted all COVID-19 restrictions.

  •  Please continue to self-monitor for COVID symptoms. If you feel sick, seek medical attention and do not stay at LASC. 

  • LASC will not require social distancing but feel free to practice it on a personal level regarding your distance to others.

  • Keep in mind that other users of LASC facilities may not be practicing social distancing and are not required to.

  • If you don't feel comfortable being within 6 feet of someone without a mask, you are encouraged to remove yourself from the area.

  • Masks are optional, even if you have not been vaccinated.

If you are a member of LASC, it is recommended to make an appointment to use any of the available ranges, facilities, and shooting positions, but it is not a requirement.

Most of the ranges or shooting positions that were restricted from use due to COVID protection requirements will be released soon for general use. We will retain the reservation capability on the Keep & Share calendar for a limited number of ranges and shooting positions. We'll be making an announcement via email blast with details soon

Click here to access the LASC calendar of events for LASC members.

As mentioned, we will be retaining the Keep & Share calendar for range activity announcements, special events and activities, public events, orientations, and reservations for some ranges or shooting positions, e.g., some Alpha Range shooting positions, Bravo Range, some Rifle Range benches, the classroom, and the indoor range.  

If you do not yet have a Keep & Share calendar account, click here to learn how to get one.