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3-Gun Matches (Dan Schmidt, Admin)

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Gary Monce
LASC Board Member

2-gun match. Pistol/pistol caliber carbine OR Pistol/Shotgun. Uspsa type stages utilizing both guns.

Fourth Sundays, 25 July and 22 August. Setup at 8am, hope to be shooting by 9am. Match will be in Bay A, B and C.

Gear needed is a safe holster mag carrier for 2 magazines, a way to carry PCC mags or shotgun shells in a safe manner.

Ammo 100 rounds pistol/ 50 PCC/shotgun at the very most.

Match fee will be $10, and will be posted to practiscore the week before the match. Please feel free to reach out with any

questions or ideas etc.

Gary Monce



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