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Facility and Firearm Safety (Dan Schmidt, Admin)

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Hi All, my sweetie and I are both members at LASC. We have a very nice neighbor who would like to get some training with her new shotgun, a 20 gauge Benelli M2. Her interests are Trap/Skeet/5 Stand, and Home Defense. She has no prior experience with firearms, so this would be starting from the very beginning. She is not currently a member at LASC.

I'm posting this in the Women's Programs, Facility and Firearm Safety, and, Training sections, in the hope of finding a teacher who is the best match to get her started. She is open to a group class, or private instruction. If you can help, please recommend a class, or an instructor, that you think would be a good fit. Feel free to PM me at, if you prefer.

Thank You, Dave

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