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Between COVID, weather, a lazy match director and now an ammo shortage; it’s been some time since our last match. I’m going to try and get some momentum going, so we will be having the first LASC-IDPA match for 2021.

LASC will be hosting its monthly IDPA match, Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 0900 AM. Any changes/cancellations will be made via this group so check your e-mails.

Due to COVID-19 there are additional requirements. Read the attached COVID-19 protocol/waiver, you will have to acknowledge reading when you register Masks are required, NO MASK, NO SHOOT. (Except the shooter during the course of fire)

The match will be limited to 16 shooters after which a waiting list will be started. If there is enough interest and SO registrants for another third squad I may open it up to next 8 on the waiting list.

2021 Match fee: $15 (Must pay at registration, No Cash)

Junior’s shoot for free.

You may withdraw up to 48 hours prior to the match to receive a refund.

Registration and payment are required in Practiscore. You do not have to wait for approval anymore. The match is hidden in Practiscore and open to shooters on in this group, use the link below to register.

(If the clicking the link does not work copy and paste the link into your browser.)


Cold range rules: All weapons will remain holstered, unloaded with Magazine removed, and hammer down.

For those who come to the match carrying a loaded firearm; immediately find an IDPA safety officer who will assist you in unloading your firearm in a secure location.

Firearm handling in or around vehicles is prohibited.

A “safe area” is provided for use in accordance with the IDPA rules described below.

Safe area rules:

· Unloaded firearms may be handled at any time. This area is used for bagging or un-bagging a firearm, holstering, drawing, dry firing, or equipment adjustment.

· A Safe Area may also be used for inspections, stripping, cleaning, repairs and maintenance of a firearm or related equipment or parts.

· In all cases the muzzle of the firearm must be pointed in a safe direction.

· Handling of ammunition, loaded ammunition carriers, loose rounds, dummy ammunition, snap caps, simunitions, training rounds, or loaded firearms is not permitted.

· A Safe Area may also be used, while accompanied by a SO, to render safe a firearm that has locked up and contains a live round or rounds.

· Reload practice within the Safe Area is not allowed.

The violation of any of the cases above will result in Disqualification from the match


The normal condition of pistols not in use during a Course of Fire (CoF) is holstered and unloaded, with hammer down or striker forward and magazine removed or cylinder empty. Loaded firearms may only be handled in the safe area when supervised by the MD or a SO. Magazines, speed loaders, and moon clips may be reloaded while off the firing line, but the shooter’s firearm can be loaded or unloaded only under the direction of the Safety officer.


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