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Springfield Armory XD-M 3.8 9mm (9x19) pistol (with special package deals on accessories!)

The pistol is in excellent condition. The XD-M 3.8 model has a shorter slide than the full-size XD-M, but with a large 19-plus-one capacity, making it an extremely versatile firearm for home defense, carry, or enjoying at the range. It comes in its original hard case and comes with:

Trijicon HD Night Sights

2 stainless steel 19-round magazines

cleaning brush

Springfield Lock

Original Springfield stock sights included, but not installed (red fiber optic front, dual white dot rear)

Bonus Springfield Armory "gear up" Double Mag Pouch

As far as shootability, The XD-M 9mm is extremely accurate and easy to control. The grip is aggressive, but not punishing, and the slide weight makes this pistol very well-balanced and fun to shoot. This XD-M comes standard with ambidextrous magazine release buttons. Other than upgrading from Springfield's standard sights, this firearm is fully stock. The trigger is smooth and allows for an intuitive press, predictable break, and palpable reset. The XD-M comes with several well-thought out safety features, including grip and trigger safeties, a loaded-chamber indicator that can be confirmed visually or tactilely, and Springfield's smart and clever rack indicator, which provides visual or tactile confirmation that the pistol has been racked and the striker is ready to fire. The included original instruction manual will allow the purchaser to understand and take full advantage of everything this firearm has to offer.

The bright orange dot front sight and black rear sights with tritium inserts on the aftermarket installed Trijicon HD night sights make it easy to get on target quickly, whether in daylight, twilight or no light. The robust, steeply hooked design of the Trijicon HD front and rear posts allows for confident emergency one-handed racking off a belt, shoe, or any other convenient surface if necessary.

Pistol and accessories as described above: $600. (Buyer pays all FFL fees.)

Additionally, I have a number of accessories that can be added to the pistol purchase for substantial discount, or purchased "a la carte" if desired. All told, this pistol and accessories will allow a buyer to "gear up" with everything someone might need for home defense, a trip to the range, concealed carry, and even a journey to California for a shooting match. For a person who only wants one pistol and who doesn't want to spend all the time searching for all the have-to-have and nice-to-have accessories, look no further.

• 7 Springfield stainless steel 19-round magazines

• 6 Springfield 10-round magazines

Pistol/accessories as described above and all 13 magazines: $850 (Buyer pays all FFL fees)

(Magazines alone: $210 for 7 stainless steel 19-round magazines; and $180 for all 6 of the 10-round magazines)

Black carbon-fiber look Kydex OWB, right-handed holster from On Your Six designs, plus one black carbon fiber RH mag carrier and one dark gray Hexcam RH mag carrier from Reign Tactical.

Police blue carbon-fiber look Kydex OWB left-handed holster and two matching LH mag carriers from On Your Six Designs.

Pistol/accessories, all 13 magazines, and right- and left-handed OWB holsters and mag carriers: $930 (buyer pays all FFL fees)

(Right handed holster and mag carriers alone: $90; Left-Handed holster and mag carriers alone: $90)

TT Gun Leather custom brown reinforced right-handed IWB holster with black sharkskin trim and belt loops and Crossbreed right-handed IWB mag carrier.

Pistol/accessories, all 13 magazines, right- and left-handed OWB holsters and mag carriers, and RH IWB pistol and mag holsters: $1,000. (buyer pays all FFL fees)

(TT Gun Leather IWB holster alone: $100; Crossbreed IWB mag carrier alone: $40)

2 black XTR custom leather OWB mag carriers.

Cost for the whole shooting match—Pistol/accessories, all 13 magazines, right- and left-handed OWB holsters and mag carriers, RH IWB pistol and mag holsters, and the two XTR custom OWB mag carriers: $1,025 (buyer pays all FFL fees)

(XTR custom leather OWB mag carriers $35 each)

Jim: 505-920-0124; bombtownnews at yahoo dot com...


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