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Hi All,

I will be doing a NM compliant Concealed Carry Class on

Friday May 12, 5:30pm-9:30pm

Saturday May 13, 1pm-6pm

Sunday May 14, Noon-6pm

Cost is $175 donation to a good cause approved by me (The LASC is automatically a 'Good Cause'), +$10 for supplies. I'm trying to raise ~$2500 to buy new steel for the Steel Challenge section with this class.

Requirements: This is a concealed carry class, not a 'learn how to shoot your gun' class, so some level of comfort of drawing from a holster and running your weapon is required. If you can place 5 shots on a 9" circle in 15 seconds from a low-ready position, without missing, that is sufficient.

What to bring:

Eye and Ear protection, water snacks.

200 rounds of centerfire ammo to fit your practice gun

A minimum of 2 magazines or speed loaders, 4 is better.

A holster that will hold your gun in place if you hop up and down.

NO fanny pack holsters. No cross draw holsters, no shoulder holsters.

A good STIFF belt that fills up the belt loops on your pants.

25 rounds of the largest caliber you want to qualify with.

I will provide my 45 acp semi-auto and 45acp revolver, you will either provide factory ammo, or shoot my ammo in my guns.

Contact me by text at 505 690 5008, or reply directly to me at

Michael Grimler


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