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I sent this out to the email list, however, as an effort to support this section, I'll post it here.


If you don't enjoy Snark, just skip to item #1. If you're still here, enjoy... They say the first step to getting better is to admit you have a problem, so I'll admit it, I've sold my soul to Glock. Since I've yet to hit "rock bottom", and swear off firearms forever, and Santa says I haven't been a good boy this year, I need to get my next fix. I'll trade all of the items I've listed below for a Glock 19X with 3 mags; as long as the Glock doesn't look like you left it out in the rain or ran it over with a car.

Here's what I have: #1 - M&P 45 Mod 2, probably has about 1000 rounds fired through it, a few CCW classes and a few pistol classes as well. It still is in VERY good condition. - No I didn't leave it out in the rain, for those of you asking. #2 - (16) 10 round mags - these are ALL Smith and Wesson factory mags, each work flawlessly. I numbered each of these so if one didn't work correctly 100% of the time I crushed it and threw it away. #3 - 4 Holsters 1 - NSR (Kydex) IWB - Tan 1 - HW (Leather) side carry 1 - Tagua (Leather) side carry 1 - Raven Concealment VanGuard - Minimalist IWB(V2MP) Some people like shoes, I like holsters, however, I never ask if this holster makes me look fat, just "Am I printing?" #4 - 213 rounds of JHP - mixed bag of manufacturers - depended on who had what at the time I was shopping - not junk, all Brand name - My life depends on my ammo, this is not the place to cheap out. #5 - 254 rounds of "re-manufactured" ammo, not some reloads I did at home, these rounds were purchased as a 1K case 2 years ago, and out of the 1000 I've fired, I've had less than 10 issues with the whole case. #6 - A bit over 500 Plated 45 cal X-Treme projectiles. 225grns - I'm not counting all of them, I did weight them and doing the math it came out to 522 projectiles. Like most addicts, I'm in for a penny, then a pound, then I'm thinking about reloading to help feed the addiction. You know that feeling, it's like that one morning where you wake up next to some dirty SKS, that you picked up late at night off of Gun Broker, and you think to yourself, "Do I really need to reload"? Basically I'm dumping all my 45 Cal kit and going full 9mm from now on, keeping 2 different Cals right now is just too much effort, you know, all the extra stuff laying around the house, etc. I'm not interested in splitting this up, it's all or nothing, and I'm sure not desperate to sell it, so the price is firm - it's what it will cost me to get a Glock 19x with three mags. To end, the cost of this "Pandemic Survival in a Box" is $950.00, or like I said, one Glock 19X with three mags. The first person that has the funds or Glock gets the whole lot. Thanks for reading, and please don't tell the M&P about this letter, I haven't told her we are breaking up. Denis -------------------------------------- There is no future until we settle our past...

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