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FROM MARV ALME: The Alpha Bay construction work by Marcon is complete. They have removed all of the lumber and steel associated with the 25 yard berm and have removed all construction debris.

I'll talk with Marcon this morning, but I think all the pistol pits can be used today.

Delta Bay will be closed for construction beginning tomorrow afternoon. The sidewall cut for the retaining wall pilot project has been made. Materials are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, Wednesday, and a work party will take place next week. The intent is that it will be back in operation for the IDPA Match on the 14th of August. An alternative would be to store the materials for the retaining wall under the carport cover in Echo Bay, which would minimize any closure of Delta Bay. I will talk with the Tactical Pistol Match Directors about this later today.

A second Second Safe Area is under construction in Echo Bay. This has resulted in some of the materials from the Alpha Bay Berm being transferred to Echo. These materials put some small restrictions on long distance shooting at the steel targets, but all of the Echo Bay Plate Racks are available for use and will be even during the work parties associated with building the new Safe Area.


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