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Since there was no IDPA match at LASC this month feel free to join us this Sunday in La Puebla for ours. Set up will be at 8am, and the safety brief will follow right after. You must attend the safety brief to participate in the match. We haven't set a time for the safety brief in hope of more people showing up early to help set up, set up should only take 30-45 minutes. We have switched to Summer hours due to the time change. We are keeping it simple due to ammo shortages and other matches matches around the same time as ours.

As long as the weather is good we will be having a match, I will post the NIGHT BEFORE IF IT IS CANCELED, so if you don't see an email saying it is canceled we will still be on.

This is a cold match other than the shooter at the line of fire. If you arrive with a loaded gun please get with a SO to assist you in unloading the firearm, this includes dummy rounds, snap caps, and home made dummy rounds. Please use the safety areas provided to holster your firearm, no holstering at your vehicle.

If you are unsure of any equipment rules contact me prior to the match to prevent getting DQ’d. Also you get to participate in 3 matches prior to becoming an IDPA member. Membership is only $40 and it helps keep IDPA going, plus you’ll get an IDPA card you can show off to your USPSA buddies.

The cost of this match is $15 for non NRGSC members and $10 for members, please try to bring the exact amount. Below is the link to register for the match, its very easy and saves us time at the match. Practiscore is easy to set up an account and you can view scores from all over the world, not just IDPA but many other shooting sports.

Any questions contact us at

Please check out our FaceBook page, this is a much easier way for me to put out announcements. Thank you to all who have visited it and supported it. The google group is not going away anytime soon if ever, but I am going in a new direction as well. There's not much on there but feel free to visit, like, and post.


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