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I have a friend with this Pedersoli .38 black powder rifle. Does anyone know about these...model, value?

Unknown member
Jan 08, 2021


*****I just reread this, gave you a major load of stuff, but maybe you can glean something out of it. Apologies in advance, feel free to use the delete key (or your "ignore" setting).***

I have one almost exactly like it, but in .45. Cabela's sells a newer version of what I have, and at .38 caliber your friend's is likely an older rifle. .38 is nice, because the larger calibers (like, for instance, .45) will bite when in that Bedford-style, roman nose stock - the comb tends to get you. However, in .38, your loads are going to be very small compared to a .45.

I ramble too much...

.38 is a great squirrel or rabbit caliber, or just a gentle shooter. But in NM, and most states, it will be too small for any larger game. I used to hunt deer in Oregon with a .40 (and am building one now), but I cannot use it for deer or antelope here in NM since it is not a .45. Still rambling...

New, if I recall correctly, these are in the $700-ish range at Cabela's. Used, and in a .38, I am guessing a good bit less than that, unless there is some group out there that is after a .38. Balls are made by Hornaday (0.375), and a mold could be found from Lee, I'll bet. So it can be easily shot (not so easy as the guys with a bit smaller caliber that buy a bag of buckshot...).

If I saw it at a gun show, given the caliber, I'd offer $250. I honestly have trouble seeing it going for a whole lot more, unless it were a .45 or .50 caliber. It would be a super rifle to use to introduce kids to muzzleloading, due to the very light recoil. I'm sure, if the barrel is as clean on the inside as the overall condition indicates, it would be a tack driver.



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