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Remington Model 799 otherwise known as a Minnie Mouser, chambered in 223. Never fired. $1200

Remington Model 799, converted to 65 Grendel, stainless steel barrel, timney trigger, model 70 style safety, Kifaru stock. With one and a half to five Loupold scope. $1800 or make me an offer.

Left handed Minnie Mouser action, in 6.5 Grendel, with timney trigger, model 70 style safety, includes a Boyd stock that has not been bedded to the rifle. $950 or make me an offer.

Left-handed Minnie Mouser action, 223, fully glass bedded in a laminate stock, Timmy trigger, $1100 Or make me an offer

Savage 110 precision left-handed 300 PRC bolt-action rifle new in box. Aluminum chassis stock. Item number 57699. Unfired. Hornady dies and 50 pieces of hornaday Virgin brass. $1,500 or make me an offer

CZ 550, Safari rifle, in 505 gibbs, synthetic stock with three Mercury recoil reducers and 3.5 pounds of tungsten, very nice brand new never used Walnut stock similarly modified. 400 pieces of brass, dies, mountain molds Cass bullet mold. Several boxes of factory Hornady, and Woodley bullets.


Several cases of Albanian 762 x54r brass case. 440 round cases for $330 cash.

450 Bushmaster ammo to be broken down for components, 60 rounds, $20


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